Pregnancy Test (2 test strips)

Pregnancy Test (2 test strips)



  • Description

    EVITEST - High sensitivity of 20mME/ml allows diagnosing a pregnancy as early as 1 day of menstrual cycle delay or even 1-2 days before its intended start.


    If you have any doubts, you need to re-test after 2 days, since the concentration of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in the body of a pregnant woman doubles within 48 hours. The second test is best done in the morning, after sleep, since the highest concentration of the HCG hormone at early pregnancy is contained in the first morning urine.


    Take out the package from the box. Open the package (tear-off label at the bottom right) and take out the test strip. Avoid moisture on the test strip. Dip the test strip into the container with the urine indicator swab down to the specified level (MAX label) for 5 seconds. Remove the strip and wait 3-5 minutes (at room temperature), after which you can evaluate the result 1 red band - negative test (no pregnancy), 2 red bands - positive test (you are pregnant).


    Pregnancy made in Germany. Store at room temperature.